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Royal British Mint

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The British Royal Mint is among the oldest and most prestigious mints in the world. It has been producing gold coins for more than 1,100 years, and during its history, it has struck numerous commemorative and bullion pieces which circulate both within the UK and internationally. It comes as no surprise that the British Royal Mint is the world’s top exporting mint, as this is a testament to their longevity.

A good portion of the coins which have been produced by this mint are historical artifacts, or utilize historical designs. Some of the most popular gold coins to be produced by the British Royal Mint include the Gold Britannia’s and Gold British Sovereigns. This mint offers gold coins which are certified and raw, and they are highly sought after by collectors the world over.

Popular Products from British Royal Mint

  • Gold Lunar Coins
  • Gold Britannia’s
  • Gold Sovereign Coins
  • The Queen’s Beasts

Availability & Pricing

The pricing of gold coins produced by the British Royal Mint will depend on the condition of the coin, as well as its age and rarity. The process of grading these coins is subjective. It is possible to buy coins which have never been used as legal tender. Overall, the prices of gold coins minted by the Royal Mint stay affordable and they are often widely available.

Why You Should Buy British Royal Mint's Coins and Bullions from LPM

LPM has a direct distributorship with the Royal Mint, which means we acquire their coins at wholesale prices, and this translates into excellent deals for our customers. This also means we can guarantee the quality and authenticity of each gold coin we sell. Being a market leader in the precious metal industry in Asia, we practice a transparent live pricing system as well as make sure that your purchases and privacy are protected. Take a look at the gold coins and bullions we offer from the Royal Mint now!

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