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The commemorative coins produced by the Royal Canadian Mint are known for their artwork, value and detail. The RCM has been in operation since 1908, and over the last century has produced commemoratives which are sought after by collectors from around the world. Canadian silver in general is known for its superb quality, scarcity and purity, adding to the demand for these coins.

Every year the RCM produces coins which are special edition pieces, and the most popular of these are coins which commemorate Canada’s wildlife and landmarks, as well as historical figures. The bestselling RCM coin is the Maple Leaf, which has been produced for more than twenty years.

Popular Commemorative Bullion Coins from Royal Canadian Mint

  • Wildlife Series
  • Birds of Prey Series
  • Canadian Maple Leaf

Availability & Pricing

Because Canadian Silver coins come in 99.99 percent fine silver, their purity makes them a great investment. The RCM also regularly coats the coins in a bullion finish, which makes them shinier. Because they come in a variety of different sizes their pricing can vary depending on the market, age and condition of the coins.

Why You Should Buy Commemorative Royal Canadian Mint’s Coins and Bullions from LPM

Over the last five years, LPM has become one of the top precious metals dealers in Asia. Part of this is due to our large inventory, but we also credit our success to our customer service team, distributorships with a variety of international mints, and no hidden fees. Check out our inventory of commemorative bullion coins from the Canadian Mint today!

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