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Colorized Coins

Set Descending Direction

Set Descending Direction

When the Royal Canadian Mint issued its first ever colored circulation coin in 2004, it quickly made numismatic history. The mint's colorized series started with 25¢ coins that featured a red poppy that was set in in the centre of a Maple Leaf. The production of these coins was made possible with the use of high speed computers and a precision inkjet printing process. As the coins were also manufactured with robotic mechanisms, the colorized Canadian silver coins could be oriented in a way that the colored designs faced the same direction.

Popular Products from Royal Canadian Mint

  • 2016 1oz Canadian Cougar
  • 2016 1oz Canadian Harp Seal
  • 2015 1oz Canadian Beaver
  • 2014 1oz Canadian Grizzly Bear
  • 2016 1 oz Canadian Star Trek Enterprise

Availability & Pricing

The price of Canadian Mint's colorized coins depends on their collectability, purity, design and rarity. If you wish to purchase coins that are easy to transport, consider opting for box and tube packaging. Availability of colorized silver coins is currently stable so you can easily procure your desired bullion coins on our store.

Why You Should Buy Commemorative Royal Canadian Mint’s Coins and Bullions from LPM

LPM is a leading dealer in the precious metals business and can meet all our clients' numismatic and coin collection needs. Our success as the hottest dealer in Asia is made possible with our knowledgeable customer service team and established relationships with esteemed mints throughout the world. In addition, finding the ideal silver coin or bar is extremely easy with our site's design and it can be done in just a few clicks of your mouse. Browse through our collection of colorized Canadian silver coins now and enjoy the best prices on the net!

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