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Niue Silver

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Hawksbill turtles got its name from their pointed beaks as well as their distinct overlapping scales on their patterned and colored shells. They are found throughout the tropical waters of the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. In an effort to pay tribute to these wonderful omnivores, Sunshine Mint minted the Niue Silver coins with designs that feature the animal.

History of the Sunshine Mint

Founded in 1979, Sunshine Mint is located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and is widely recognized as a full service mint. Their silver and gold products have garnered worldwide respect due to their exceptional quality and purity. Sunshine Mint has also opened branches in China, Shanghai, Nevada and Las Vegas. Sunshine Mint has been in the precious metals business for over three decades and can produce silver bullion in both bar and round forms.

Popular Products from the Niue Silver Series

  • 2015 1oz Niue $2 Hawksbill Turtle .999 Silver BU
  • 2015 2oz Niue Hawksbill Turtle .999 Silver Coin

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