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Silver Bullets

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At LPM, we carry a comprehensive range of physical silver products including bullets. As a new form of physical silver bullion, silver bullets have been winning the hearts of many investors and gun enthusiasts with their great value and unique designs. If you appreciate the stellar appearance of ammunition, silver bullets are undoubtedly one of the most unique investment options you can consider today.

Types of Silver Bullets

The most popular cartridges you can find on the market include 10 oz .50 caliber BMG silver bullets and 1 oz .45 Caliber ACPs. In addition, silver bullets are most commonly available in .45 caliber sizes or 1 troy ounce sizes. Silver bullets have always been desirable additions to a serious collector's portfolio as their designs commemorate pieces of ammunition that are historically significant.

Availability and Pricing

If you are in the market for silver bullets, you will love the fact that they cost only a few dollars over spot price per ounce. In terms of silver, these bullets are really a solid investment. Apart from carrying premiums comparable to other forms of silver bullion, you will be pleased to know that purchasing larger sized bullets (around the 10oz variation) at the lowest price per oz is possible.

Why You Should Buy Silver Bullets from LPM

LPM is an established and trustworthy precious metal retailer in Asia. Headquartered in Hong Kong's Central Financial District, we offer a large selection of physical silver products that are investment-worthy. With our expertise and experience, we have the capabilities to meet the needs of both gold, silver, platinum and currency investors. What's more, our no-frill, competitive pricing system has been providing significant savings to our valued clients. Check out our inventory today, and shop with confidence!

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