2020 17.5g Cameroon Gustav Klimt - Portrait of Emilie Floge 999 Silver Proof Coin




Gustav Klimt  - An Artist Breaking the Rules

  • Continuation of the series inspired by the Klimt's work 
  • Coins decorated with the Baltic Gold - Polish amber
  • Fine silver -  Ag 999
  • Wonderful gift for all connoisseurs of art

Gustav Klimt exerted significant influence on the history of art. His attitude towards painting resulted in a new quality in fine arts. Portrait of Emilie Flöge depicts the life companion of Gustav Klimt - Viennese fashion designer, creative and independent female entrepreneur . Emilie's innovative dress-making style, combined with Klimt painting manner draw attention of the viewer.

The series encompasses the following works of art:

1. Expectation 

2. Judith I 

3. Portrait of Emilie Flöge 

4.Judith II 

5. Music

年份 2020
金屬含量 白銀
面值 $500
純度 999
品質 精鑄
國家 Cameroon
生產商 Mint of Poland
發行量 555
直徑 (mm) 50
系列 Gustav Klimt
包裝及證書 Box Included