2021 15.5g Great Britain The Mary Anning Collection - Dimorphodon .9167 Gold Proof Coin

低至: HK$10,920.00







Searching the Black Ven cliff near her home in Lyme Regis, Mary Anning made a series of remarkable finds. The fossil reptiles she uncovered helped scientists identify and understand mighty creatures that once ruled the seas and skies, but as a working-class woman she was denied academic acclaim.

The Mary Anning Collection is a three-part collection celebrating the discoveries she made along what is now known as the Jurassic Coast.

The final coin features Dimorphodon, a winged reptile that was discovered in 1828 and filled coastal skies millions of years ago. Available as a gold Proof, silver Proof, colour silver Proof and Brilliant Uncirculated edition, it shines the spotlight on an unsung hero who was one of Britain’s greatest fossil hunters. Each coin in the collection was designed by renowned British palaeo-artist Robert Nicholls with the expert guidance of Sandra Chapman of the Earth Sciences Department of the Natural History Museum, London. Robert specialises in creating accurate reconstructions of natural history specimens for museums and universities around the world.

Key Features

  • A celebration of one of Britain’s greatest fossil hunters

  • Engaging and educational content brings the story of these fossil reptiles to life

  • The packaging features high quality, anatomically accurate illustrations and content developed in collaboration with the Natural History Museum, London

  • The precious metal editions are available in limited numbers


年份 2021
金屬含量 黃金
面值 50 P
純度 0.9167
品質 精鑄
國家 United Kingdom
生產商 The Royal Mint
發行量 250
直徑 (mm) 27.3
系列 The Mary Anning Collection
包裝及證書 Yes