2021 28.28 gram Great Britain Queen’s Beasts - The White Greyhound of Richmond Cupro-Nickel Coin

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The Queen’s Beasts The White Greyhound of Richmond 2021 United Kingdom Coin Collection

A Loyal Companion

On 2 June 1953, Queen Elizabeth II became the thirty-ninth monarch to be crowned at Westminster Abbey. Outside the entrance, The Queen’s Beasts formed a guard of honour and a striking illustration of the royal line of descent. Taking its place amongst them was the White Greyhound of Richmond.

Swift and keen-eyed, greyhounds were bred to chase game. Dogs of this kind were present in Britain during Roman times and were included in royal hunting packs as early as the twelfth century, enhancing their prestige.

In heraldry, the greyhound is associated with qualities such as fitness and skill, as well as faithfulness and loyalty. Elevated to royal status by Edward III, all of his descendants used the greyhound as a badge. It became closely associated with the House of Lancaster before passing to the Tudor family. Henry VII, the first Tudor monarch, displayed it to emphasise his dynastic right to rule.

The Queen’s Beasts Collection continues with the ninth release in the series, a coin showcasing this magnificent heraldic beast. Available in a range of limited-edition gold and silver Proof editions, as well as a Brilliant Uncirculated edition, acclaimed designer Jody Clark tempers the fantastical with realism to convey the greyhound’s power and elegance.


Key Selling Points :

− The ninth coin in the hugely popular Queen’s Beasts Collection

− Both sides of the coin were created by the prestigious designer Jody Clark

− Continue your collection of heraldic coins


年份 2021
金屬含量 銅鎳合金
面值 £5
品質 未流通
國家 Great Britain
生產商 Royal Mint
發行量 Unlimited
直徑 (mm) 38.61
系列 Queen's Beasts
包裝及證書 Blisterpack