2021 2oz Niue Japanese Dragon Watatsumi .999 Silver Coin




The Watatsumi is not only a Japanese dragon, but also a water deity, and the designer has emphasized this with some very Hokusai-like waves, and the Piscean tail at the end of its body. The wings are classic dragon, and the serpentine body and whiskers, are classic Asian style. Topping it off is the inset pearl, something almost inextricably tied to the dragon myth in the region. Throw in a Japanese pagoda building, and you have a scene that is quintessentially Japanese.

This coins the 4th release of the popular series "Dragons" with Mother of Pearl insert.

年份 2021
金屬含量 白銀
面值 $ 2
純度 999
品質 復古
國家 Niue
發行量 500
直徑 (mm) 45
包裝及證書 Yes