2021 Great Britain Gold Proof Coin Annual Set




The Annual Sets are a selection of coins from The Royal Mint, which capture a snapshot of the year’s important events, anniversaries and celebrations. For 2021, we celebrate individuals and events that have made a huge contribution to the history, the present and the future of the United Kingdom, and whose impact can be felt all over the world, through five commemorative coins. 

This gold Proof commemorative set includes five commemorative coins, all struck in 22 carat gold to Proof standard and year-dated 2021. This is the most exclusive of the 2021 Annual Sets and the coins are presented in a wooden case with a booklet on the coins and the stories behind them. 

The Commemorative Issue

  • The 95th Birthday of Her Majesty The Queen
  • The 250th Anniversary of the Birth of Sir Walter Scott Sir Walter Scott 
  • The Life and Work of H.G. Wells 
  • The Life and Work of John Logie Baird I
  • The 50th Anniversary of Decimal Day Decimal Days 



• The 2021 Annual Sets are available struck in 22 carat gold and 925 sterling silver

• Finished to The Royal Mint’s finest Proof standard

• The sets include five specially selected commemorative issues selected to mark the year 2021

年份 2021
金屬含量 黃金
面值 英鎊 5 | 英鎊 2 | 英鎊 2 | 50p | 50p
純度 0.9167
品質 精鑄
國家 United Kingdom
生產商 The Royal Mint
發行量 95
直徑 (mm) 38.61 | 28.4 | 28.4 | 27.3 | 27.3
系列 Annual Set
包裝及證書 Yes