2022 8gram Great Britain Innovation in Science Series - Alan Turing Cupro-Nickel Coin

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產品預計到貨時間: 2022-08 中旬 (年-月)

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As the father of modern computing and a codebreaking genius during the Second World War, Alan Turing was a truly extraordinary individual. In recent years, Turing has become a figurehead for gay rights following his posthumous pardon from Her Majesty The Queen in 2013, which has since led to further pardons to gay men and created what’s become known as ‘Turing’s Law’. In 2022, we celebrate a man with a remarkable mind with a UK 50p coin that concludes our Innovation in Science series.

For a man who passed away far too young, Alan Turing’s ingenuity and intellect both still have an enduring impact in the fields of computing, mathematics and science today. His groundbreaking theories remain revered to this very day, which suggests he was a genius way ahead of his time. Recently honoured by the Bank of England with a portrait on a new £50 banknote, this is the first UK coin to commemorate the life and legacy of Alan Turing.

This UK 50p coin comes in a variety of editions, including a gold Proof, silver Proof, silver Proof Piedfort and Brilliant Uncirculated edition.



  • The first UK coin commemorating the life and legacy of Alan Turing

  • Features a reverse design by the experienced designers Matt Dent and Christian Davies

  • A poignant keepsake for those with a passion for science

  • The final coin in The Royal Mint’s Innovation in Science 50p series

  • Available in a range of editions accompanied by bespoke packaging detailing Turing’s life and achievements

年份 2022
金屬含量 銅鎳合金
面值 0.5 Pound
品質 未流通
國家 United Kingdom
生產商 The Royal Mint
發行量 Unlimited
直徑 (mm) 27.3
系列 Innovation in Science
包裝及證書 In Card