2020 5 oz Cook Islands 7 Summits - Carstensz Pyramid .999 Silver Coin BU

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This year we are heading for the arduous Carstensz Pyramid in Papua, Indonesia. Over the steep north face we ascend Oceania’s highest summit, which towers 4884 meters (16,024 ft) above sea level. The Carstensz Pyramid is named after the Dutch seafarer and explorer Jan Carstensz. In Indonesia, the mountain is called Puncak Jaya by the indigenous people, which means victory peak.

The 5th edition of the 7 Summits series, created with our enhanced smartminting© ultra high relief technology, features a vastly higher relief and is even more stunning than its predecessors. The refined partial coloring intensifies the detailed representation of the mountain. This splendid coin in solid 5 ounces of fine silver is not only worthwhile for passionate mountaineers, but also for you – the explorers, adventurers and nature lovers!

年份 2020
金屬含量 白銀
面值 $25
純度 999
品質 未流通
國家 Cook Islands
生產商 CIT
發行量 777
系列 The 7 Summits