Random Year 1/10oz Austria Philharmonic 9999 Gold Coin




This 1/10 oz gold coin is comprised of the highest quality gold with a purity of 99.99%, which is the highest level practically obtainable in the industry. This is manifested in the coins luster and shine when exposed to light. As expected of such a prestigious collection the 2021 Philharmonic is eligible for inclusion within Individual Retirement Accounts, and the coins are shipped in seals which are tamper evident. The obverse side displays The Great Organ inside the Golden Hall of Vienna, along with the weight, denomination and year of issue. The reverse side features a collection of instruments which include the bassoon, violin, harp, cello and horn. This coin will make a wonderful addition to your collection or investment portfolio.

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年份 Random Year
金屬含量 黃金
面值 10 Euro
純度 9999
國家 Austria
生產商 Austrian Mint
直徑 (mm) 16
厚度 1.2
系列 Philharmonic