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Austrian Mint

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The Austrian Mint is based in Vienna, and is a subsidiary for the National Bank of Austria. For many years, this mint was responsible for producing the Austrian schilling, as well as many other bullion coins, but is also known for its collectible pieces. Two of the most popular of these coins is the Vienna Philharmonic and Maria Theresa Thaler.

History of Tthe Vienna Philharmonic and Maria Theresa Thaler Coins

The Maria Theresa Thaler, or MTT, is a silver coin that was first introduced in 1741. It is named in honor of Empress Maria Theresa, who was the ruler of Bohemia, Austria and Hungary. It became the official trade coinage for a time and spread to the Middle East and even India. The Vienna Philharmonic is an Austrian coin that is produced in gold, platinum and silver, and is named in honor of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. It was first introduced in 1989 and has become one of the world’s top selling collectibles.

Why You Should Buy the Austrian's Mint's Collectibles from LPM

LPM is an authorized dealer which is based in Hong Kong. Our dedication and commitment to quality customer service has made us one of the largest precious metals dealers in the region. For over five years, we’ve carried a large and extensive selection of collectible coins, including the Maria Theresa Thaler and Vienna Philharmonic. Those that are looking for collectibles or who wish to invest in precious metals as a hedge against inflation will find what they need through LPM. Check out our inventory today!

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