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Chinese Mint

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The Chinese Mint has gradually made its mark on the precious metals market. Although the People’s Republic of China doesn’t produce large amounts of coinage annually, their commemorative coins are some of the most widely recognized worldwide. One of the most popular of these is the Chinese Silver Panda, which is China’s answer to the American Eagle and Canadian Maple Leaf. Many investors and enthusiasts throughout the world have added the Silver Pandas to their collections, so if you are thinking of starting a collection today, the Silver Panda coins are a perfect purchase.

Popular Products from Chinese Mint

  • 2016 30gram China Panda .999 Silver Coin NGC
  • 2014 1oz China Panda .999 Silver Coin MS69 PCGS First Strike
  • 2016 30gram China Panda .999 Silver Coin BU

Availability & Pricing

Although coins have been minted in China for thousands of years, the first commemorative pieces were only introduced within the last forty years. These commemorative coins paved the way for newer silver bullion that has become popular internationally due to their quality design and high purity levels. The prices for Chinese Silver Pandas depend partly on the market demand as well as silver’s current spot price. Even though the Chinese Silver Panda coins are popular, you will find that they come at affordable prices.

Why You Should Buy Chinese Mint Silver Coins and Bullions from LPM

Based in Hong King, LPM is Asia’s premier dealer in silver coins and bullion. We have access to the newest Chinese Silver Pandas, and the variety in our large inventory is combined with top notch customer service, competitive prices and a deep understanding of the precious metal industry. 


Those looking to acquire precious metals as a hedge against inflation or as a hobby will find what they need through us. We charge no hidden fees and with our strong relationships with a number of worldwide mints, you can buy with absolute peace of mind from us.

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