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Collectibles on Sale

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Buying collectible coins on sale can be confusing to first time buyers. Understanding accreditation as well as grading will make it a lot easier to ensure the coins you buy will provide you with the best value for your money. A variety of collectible coins can be found on LPM’s website, and you should visit often to find sales and other limited time offers.

Finding and Evaluating Collectible Coins

When reviewing a collectible coin you should determine if it is uncirculated. Coins which have not been circulated will almost always be more valuable than those that have been.  Old coins, especially those which are 100+ years old, should be hazy with some small scratches, even if they are uncirculated. Beware of so called “collectible coins” which are unusually shiny or bright. No coin which was produced a century ago and maintained in its original condition should be too pristine or shiny. Older coins should also provide collectible premiums.

Why You Should Buy Collectibles on Sale from LPM

LPM specializes in the sale, distribution and review of gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins. We offer numismatics, commemoratives, collectibles and bullion. We are based in Hong Kong and in the short span of 5 years, we have emerged as the continent's premier precious metals dealer. Our inventory is extensive and those looking for rare or hard to find collectibles can get them through us. We also practice a client-first approach and that's why we often have interesting collectibles on sale for our customers. Check out our inventory now and get your hands on a desired collectible for cheap!

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