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South Korean Mint

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Also known as Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation(KOMSCO), the South Korean Mint was established in 1951 and is owned by the government. The purpose of KOMSCO is to ensure stable production and supply of national security products such as currency and precious metal coins and bars. Currently, KOMSCO is the sole coin producer and banknote printer for South Korea. It produces special coin Products including 6 kinds of domestic coins, high-quality commemorative coins, corporate promotion medals and cultural property reproductions. 

According to KOMSCO General Manager Moon Jung-youp, “We believe we can double the value of the exports we achieved over the past two years, thanks to Tiger Bullion gold medals and Chiwoo Cheonwang silver medals. ”The Korean facility began shipping its gold and silver medals overseas about two years ago. The value of its bullion and medals exports during 2016 was about $16 million US and is undergoing a fast growth rate. 

Popular Products from South Korean Mint

  • Gold ZI:SIN Series
  • Gold Chiwoo Series
  • God Korean Tiger Coins

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