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Platinum & Palladium

Platinum & Palladium
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While gold and silver usually gets all the attention, palladium and platinum are rarer. They are used in the production of various goods, such as medical instruments, automobiles and jewelry. These metals are also forged into coins which are collected by investors, and in terms of appearance, they look identical, but they are not.

Platinum and Palladium: Characteristics

During their conquest of South America the Spaniards encountered platinum while mining for gold, but at the time they dismissed its importance. By the 19th century scientists begin studying platinum intensely and learned how to refine it. It resists corrosion well and has an exceptional boiling point. Palladium was known as far back as Ancient Egypt but its potential wasn't fully exploited until the modern era. It is commonly used in electronics and dentistry.

Buying Platinum and Palladium

When purchasing palladium and platinum it is best to buy them in bullion form. They can then be exchanged on the commodities market based on purity and mass. The prices of these metals will fluctuate due to new refining techniques and market demand.

Why You Should Buy Platinum & Palladium from LPM

LPM specializes in the sale and distribution of precious metals. This includes gold, silver as well as palladium and platinum. Operating for more than 5 years, we've established a reputation as one of Asia's premier metals dealers and our success has led to distributorships with a variety of mints around the globe. This allows us to acquire our coins wholesale which means excellent prices for you. Shop with LPM today if you want to buy platinum or palladium products!

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