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Kookaburra Series

Set Descending Direction

Set Descending Direction

Kookaburra silver coins are one of Perth Mint's coin bullion series that undergoes design changes annually. The 2016 Silver Kookaburra Coin Series has received a brand new design that features Australian landscape elements as well as a happy Kookaburra perched on a fence post. However, one design element stayed the same – the obverse side features the image of Queen Elizabeth II in high relief.

History of the Kookaburra Series

The Kookaburra silver coins were first produced by Perth Mint in the 1990s. These silver coins are made from .999 fine silver. In addition, a part of Perth Mint's history involved the production of one-ounce coins that were shipped in shrink wrap rolls. Each of those boxes contained five rolls of coins; each roll contained 20 coins. The coins are also minted in other sizes, including 1, 2, 10 troy oz, and 1 kg. Because the Kookaburra Series coins are legal Australian tender, only a limited number of coins are released to international buyers outside Australia.

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