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Scottsdale Mint

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A private mint in the United States, the Scottsdale Mint is known for manufacturing a number of silver products, including silver bullion. Some of its most popular coins include the Tombstone Silver Nuggets, Bisbee Silver Rounds & Bars, and the Silver Biblical Series. The Biblical Series, in particular, is a famous collection that has seen more than 50 releases in less than a decade. The Tombstone coins are sought after for their rugged finish, while the Bisbee Silver Bars & Rounds perfectly capture the feel of the classical mining operations that were carried out in the Old West.

Popular Products from Scottsdale Mint

  • Tombstone Silver Nuggets
  • Silver Biblical Series
  • Bisbee Silver Rounds & Bars

Availability & Pricing

The prices for silver coins produced by the Scottsdale Mint can vary widely, depending on the age of the coin, demand, rarity and condition. These coins are also influenced by silver’s current spot price per ounce. Availability of silver coins, rounds, and bars from the Scottsdale Mint is known to be stable.

Why You Should Buy Scottsdale Mint's Coins and Bullions from LPM

LPM is a Hong Kong based coin dealer that acts as a distributor for both government and private mints, including the Perth Mint, Austrian Mint, Sunshine Minting, and Scottsdale Mint. We specialize in gold and silver bullion, numismatics, certified coins, and more. Those looking for fast and reliable customer service, excellent prices and a large inventory of merchandise should look no further than LPM. Both coin enthusiasts and investors who acquire coins to protect themselves against economic uncertainty and inflation will appreciate the products we carry at our store. Check out our silver offerings from the Scottsdale Mint today and be impressed by our competitive prices!

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